туалети В моей жизни

So I’ve been giving the title of my blog a little more thought and have come to the conclusion that my last post wasn’t really in theme with what I’m going for here.

With that said I’d like to introduce my next series  (as written in the title of this post): Toilets in My Life— which I think embodies the theme of this blog a little better.

How do toilets relate to my blog, you ask? I was thinking long and hard (perhaps neither actually) on what subject may come off as unequivocally Un-Serious.  When I was brainstorming the other day I decided to get an opinion on the topic — so rather sarcastically I asked a friend what she thought about having toilets as my next series. Her response: Seriously? I thought well, no not really… and then it hit me! I wasn’t really serious…. get it? Un-Serious!

And that is how I decided there and then that I must photograph the toilets (and it’s relatives– lets face it, I can only photograph a toilet in so many ways) in my life for my upcoming post. Epic story, I know.

I hope you enjoy this Un-Serious series. If you feel compelled to photograph the toilets in your life… I’d love it if you would post them as comments!

DSC_2945DSC_2951toilet Taken with my iphone… can’t really blow this one up.

DSC_2983 DSC_2979

мой портрет

I’m a student of the Earth & body, eating master, daughter of two immigrants, sister of a wanderer, grand-daughter of a WWII victim, tree-lover, food craft-er, love capture-er, dancing queen, theatre geek, opinion holder, dreamer of all things magic, coffee addict, tea enthusiast, bio-nerd, word treasurer, language admire-er, future world traveler and body healer and … picture taker.


My name is Regina Yevgenia Postrekhina. Try saying that… even once. Lucky for me, all three names rhyme with each other. I was born in Sverdlovsk, Russia and lived there until I was seven years old. My immediate family moved to the states before I could really make a real opinion of Mother Russia. Fast forward… and I am now 22 years old. Living in a tiny little one bedroom duplex in Orlando, Fl. As much as I have longed for anywhere BUT Orlando for the past several years, I have come to actually enjoy this seemingly un-interesting town. [Not that I won’t be running far far away as soon as I graduate, but for the time being I’ve chosen to enjoy my time here]

[This is me. Fall Finals week 2011.]

So… that is where this little blog comes in. As one of my many passions, photography happens to be one that I stick with on a daily basis. I tend to take pictures in groups… or series– whether they’re bicycles… or trees… or all the damn trash people keep throwing out their windows. I gravitate towards the same theme for a while until I get bored or my eyes wander to my next subject.

And without further adieu I here now declare my blog a showcase of all my series of series.

I’ll do my best to post every week or two… stay tuned.

P.S — Have a suggestion on what I should obsess about for a couple weeks, holler!